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4. Mobile Medical Unit :
The unit with a mobile dispensary van, equipped with medicines is rendering treatment and supplying medicines at free of cost to the people of slum areas (Baghbazar, Maniktala, Cossipore, Noa-para, Kutighat).
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5. Charitable Dispensary :
It has two sections, Allopath & Homeopath. In Homeopath section one hundred patients are getting free treatment with medicine regularly. In the Allopath section free treatment with medical help goes at least to 150 patients everyday. Apart from this, E.C.G., Chest check-up, Eye operation camp are being organised. Many apparatuses need to be purchased.
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6. Area Library :
A big area library is enriched with 17,000 books. A large number of people including the students are benefitted from the library.
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7. Audio-visual Unit :
The life-history of great saints of our country are displayed on the screen to enlighten the ignorant mass of the glorious heritage and fine tradition of our country.
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8. Computer Unit :
Nearly 500 students are given education in Computer science. Preliminary knowledge in computer would help them to earn greater knowledge in future, from this point of view, we give them knowledge in computer education.
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9. Relief (Shiva jnane Jiba Seva) :
It is one of our activities which demands to be mentioned here. We most willingly run to the spot of Natural disaster and start Relief work at random among the affected people. Making no discrimination of caste & creed, we do relief work in the affected areas when they are victimised by drought or flood or anyother danger. We worship the poor, as if they are God. In the words of Swami Vivekananda, they are Shiva, living God.
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